About Badminton
Badminton is an international sport that is played either by two players against each other (singles) or four players, pair opposing each other (doubles) using a racquet and a shuttlecock. It is played on a rectangular court divided into two halves by a net. The competition is based on point system and the winner is decided on who gets the maximum points. One person serves by hitting the shuttlecock using the racquet such that it goes over the net and lands in the opponent’s side of the court. The opponent too hits the shuttle cock using their racquet and this continues till some is unable to hit the shuttlecock and it lands on the ground. Points are scored by the team that is able to prevent the cock from falling on the ground.

A racquet is framed handle equipment with hoop in between such that a tightly knit network of cord is stretched into it. A shuttlecock is a feathered object stuck together using a piece of rubber at one end. Its unique aerodynamic properties cause it to fly in the air when hit against the racquet.

This is one of the most played and sought after sports in the world, particularly popular in Asia and some parts of Europe. This sport requires high level of fitness and stamina besides agility, speed and precision from the players.

Badminton was included in the most prestigious Olympic Games in 1992 and has five events related to it – The men singles and doubles, the women singles and doubles and mixed doubles (one man and one woman in each side paired against each other).